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We have teamed up with the original inventors of the cooker hood to bring you a huge range of extractor fan possibilities, with the efficiency, design and quality that comes hand in hand with 60 years' of cooker hood creation. Future is in the air!

Elica Extractors

"wall hoods to ceiling hoods, island hoods to down drafters - we have them all, and every single one oozes style and quality"

Elica Downdraft Extractor


It all began from an idea by Ermanno Casoli, who in 1972 made his first hood. Since then, we have never ceased to combine technological know-how and design, with only one objective: to revolutionize the image of kitchen hoods throughout the world.


Today we are present in numerous countries, from America to Asia, we are proud of our Italian spirit and our international vision. A corporate culture that is always aimed at innovating.


The quality of the air and its infinite nuances, the unique Made in Italy style: this is what inspires us, what has always guided us towards the future.

Elegance & function combined.


Design and innovation above all else. Solutions developed to bring clean air into every house in the world. Sophisticated materials and cutting-edge technology, combined with constant research and experimentation are what Elica is all about.

Looking for excellence in extraction? Look no further than Elica.

We always look to display the most stylish & elegant of extractors in our showrooms. Whilst style is important, the function of the extractor and the planning involved is sometimes as important as the layout and design of the kitchen itself.


We have working venting hobs, wall mounted extractors and ceiling hoods built into canopies to display how they would fit into everyday households.

Why not visit our showrooms and see our stunning elegant extractors for yourself? See how they function, see how they look and try before you buy.

Elica Shining Rust
Stunning Colour Changing Extractor

Here at Kitchen Craft Design we love it when we get the opportunity to visit a clients finished kitchen! Or when they share with us some snaps and send them in!

We showcase all our latest installations on Facebook and Instagram and we are constantly updating what we are up to and what is new.

Below is all our work and latest clients who have had a fitted kitchen installed or supplied by Kitchen Craft Design. 

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