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After more than 300 years, Gaggenau still handcraft much of what they produce. Every process, from shaping the initial sheet of steel to assembling our digital interface in our cleanroom, passes through a skilled craftsperson’s hands, with pride.


Create one aesthetic statement. Gaggenau appliances: individually accomplished, exceptional together.

The modern kitchen represents the harmonious interplay of cooking, living and entertaining. Gaggenau appliances inspire exceptional cuisine while also drawing the eye with their sculptural presence, celebrating both function and form. Choosing from a palette of authentic materials, each Gaggenau series of appliances offers key optical highlights that reveal a clear vision for any space, be it a wide open social setting or an enclosure dedicated to cuisine creation.


Designed to be together, Gaggenau appliances perfectly complement one another functionally and visually, connecting the room, home and vision.

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These are dishwashers that care for your crockery and glassware as much as you do. The 400 and 200 series gently, quietly, but efficiently, clean your prized dishware. Choose from a host of innovations including Zeolite technology for improved drying, smooth running rails and silicon tipped folding racks to keep glassware secure. Consider an extra cleaning area for thorough, yet gently washing of dishes or glasses. Opt for the flexible hinge system that enables placement of the dishwasher almost anywhere. All offer Home Connect for remote access and programmes you can personalise to your dishes’ unique requirements.

Coffee Machines

A question of taste
The 400 and 200 series of fully automatic espresso machines allow you to prepare coffee to a professional standard within your home. You can create bespoke beverages to cater for the individual preferences of your guests, instantly and with a minimum of effort, even remotely controlling the machines to have your coffee waiting for you thanks to Home Connect. A choice of 400 series or 200 series designs blend seamlessly into your oven combinations, providing streamlined perfection.


The Gaggenau cooktop doesn’t just look the part, it is inspired by the Professional kitchen. The 400 series and 200 series both adhere to the Gaggenau principle of exceptional materials, designed with insight and assembled with skill by craftspeople. Both offer a modular ‘Vario’ option allowing you to create your own, bespoke workstation including specialist appliances enabling specific cooking techniques. The difference between the two series is, essentially, scale, aesthetic and control.


The modern kitchen is not simply a place to create cuisine, it is also a living, entertaining and family space. As such, good ventilation becomes ever more important. Whether our extractors are making a bold statement or quietly, effortlessly, clearing the air, the 400 and 200 series extractors are vital for the private kitchen. Controlled manually or automatically, mounted on the ceiling, on the wall, within cupboards, above islands or on the cooktop, all have been designed with discretion and airflow in mind.


Treat your clothes, exceptionally

The Gaggenau washing machine and heat pump dryer are the first choice when it comes to a perfectly coordinated laundry system. They boast exceptional results with the ease of spacious, well-lit, drums and large portholes so you can load and unload easily. The washing machine offers a new intelligent dosage system, while the dryer houses a self-cleaning heat exchanger, minimizing manual efforts. Both machines offer automatic programmes and communicate with each other: the dryer sets itself to the correct programme in anticipation of the wash load. Ensure your clothes look their best, effortlessly.


Ovens 400 or 200 series? A matter of taste.

The Gaggenau oven, combi-steam oven or combi-microwave oven is an aspiration for many, a promise to guests, a calling for the private chef and a statement to the designer. Inspired by the professional kitchen, it offers a considerable number of advantages, such as being hand crafted from the finest materials, offering 300 ºC capability and a core temperature probe accurate to within a degree. Our ovens impress, visually and in use. They host nuances that are appreciated by the chef and born out by the quality of dishes you will produce.


Our extensive cooling portfolio complements your kitchen and inspires the private chef with the freshest of ingredients. Our flexible range can sense and react to the most delicate and demanding of foods in an intelligent way. The refrigerators, freezers, fridge-freezer and matching wine climate cabinets offer exceptional performance, thanks to the quality and precision of their cooling technology.

Wine Cabinets

Protect, present, prepare

Your wine needs to be stored, protected, showcased and prepared for enjoyment. These are competing functions that your wine climate cabinet, equal to a wine cellar, achieves year after year with unflappable aplomb. For serious wine aficionados, wine is a passion bordering on obsession, equalled only by the desire for the ultimate in storage.

Warming Drawers

Slow cook, heat, dry, warm.

First and foremost, the culinary warming drawer is the perfect slow cooker with uniform heat distribution of up to 80 °C. Choose the slow cook programme for an effortless evening meal, allow a perfectly cooked roast to rest or keep meals warm until you are ready to enjoy them. The culinary warming drawer also makes it simple to proof dough, dry herbs and fruit, defrost, melt chocolate and mature yoghurt. Able to accommodate a multitude of gastronome and associated oven accessories as well as bring plates and cups to the correct temperature, the hygienic glass surface is also easy to clean.

Vacuuming Drawers

Visually similar, functionally distinct, the vacuuming drawer aesthetically compliments the culinary warming drawer. In combination with the combi-steam oven, you can unlock the world of sous vide. Unleash greater intensity of flavours with vacuum assisted marinating, preserve fruit and jams, even save unfinished wine. Create and preserve with ease.

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