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"pearl grey concrete handleless kitchen contrasted with crisp white quartz"



Industrial finishes and features are very popular in kitchens at the moment and really are the trend. Clever use of LED lighting and worn but warm timber effect floor contrast and compliment the design and layout beautifully. Contrasting modern finishes like black glass, pristine white walls and LED lighting against worn effect floors and doors give a feel for appreciation of quality and robust materials.

Although the pearl grey concrete doors are of mid-shade grey the room is bright and well lit with the LED strip lighting coming from the handle rail recess and plinth void. Polished finish to the worksurfaces and backsplashes only add to this.

Finished with Siemens appliances, Silestone quartz worksurfaces and LED lighting. The the client has added wall mounted microwave to save worktop space and seating area is cleverly designed to maximise space with out over powering the area and making the space feel cramped.

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