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We are very excited to announce that a new NEFF Virtual Brochure app has been launched!

We can offer our clients a fantastic NEFF experience. Explore, create and immerse yourself in a 3D

shopping environment with leading German-designed appliances.

The NEFF Virtual Brochure brings products to life using high quality CGI modelling and animation,

where once paper and print would’ve been the only option.

Favourite and share the right products for you. Rotate, zoom and interact

with every element from any appliance.

Experience unique Slide&Hide® ovens, delicious Steam cooking and stunning island

ventilation solutions all at the touch of a button, with overviews on every product and key feature

within the range.

Visit the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and search “NEFF Virtual Brochure”

to download and try it for yourself today!

NEFF Virtual App


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